Employment LawWorking it out for you

If you think your employer is treating you unfairly the Employment Team at CCW Business Lawyers will tell you exactly where you stand by:

  • explaining your rights at work;
  • telling you if you have legal case against your employer;
  • helping you to try to sort out your problem with your employer;
  • if your employer can’t or won’t fix your problem, helping you to decide if your case is worth taking forward; and
    explaining what you should do next

We know you don’t want to be at loggerheads with your employer and would rather things were put right. We all spend more time with our colleagues than our own families and our years of advising employees hasn’t changed what we’ve always known; it’s almost always more than just a job, a way of paying the bills. The risk of losing not only your income but your friends too can be very stressful.

So, when an employee like Louise, on long term sickness absence because of a chronic disability, came to the Employment Team looking for advice because her employer was considering terminating her employment, we knew how stressful this was for her and the impact it was having on her already poor health.

We asked her to give us all letters, emails and documents she had sent to, or received from, her employer and from thereon in we dealt with her employer directly on her behalf. We lodged a grievance and the employer upheld her complaint.

Her employer agreed not only to requesting a medical report from her GP, but to the auxiliary aids and adjustments to her job her GP recommended in his medical report. This allowed her to return to work on a phased return and, in time, to her old job and hours of work.

Louise is now very happy at work. We handled everything for her but she always knew what was happening and made informed decisions as to what was right for her.

We’ve helped lots of people just like Louise – and you – who don’t know what to do for the best or who to turn to for help, including Karen who experienced maternity discrimination and was unfairly dismissed:

If you want to know where you stand on issues affecting you including:

  • disciplinary action
  • grievances
  • unfair dismissal
  • redundancy
  • constructive dismissal
  • unpaid wages, notice pay, holiday pay or bonuses
  • maternity, paternity, parental leave and time off for dependants
  • discrimination

Contact our Employment Law Team to get the employment law advice you need. We can help you by speaking to you straight away and our fixed price will provide you with 30 minutes of expert telephone advice and all advice will be confirmed in writing.

To find out where you stand get in touch now to find out what we can do to help you.