FREE EVENT: Controlling Social Media in the Workplace

Employment Tribunals have seen an increase in the number of cases related to internet and email misuse, and employers are right to be increasingly concerned about personal use of social media by employees.

Employment law is one of the most complex and fastest developing areas of law where small mistakes can be costly, and with the emergence of social media as a core communication method to potential customers, suppliers and employees alike, it essential you get this right.

We are therefore delighted to invite you to our next Employment Forum on 5 October. We’ll be joined by Jacqueline McGregor of JM Potential, a Business Coach and Organisational Development Consultant, and together we cover issues including:

* Ownership of social media/business contacts
* Bullying and harassment
* Misconduct
* Loss of productivity
* Damage to the employer’s reputation
* Social Media policies

As always, we hope that you will benefit from meeting with, and learning from, others who have experience of the very employee problem you may need help with. Chatham House Rule applies making for a relaxed and free discussion.

This event is taking place at our Dunfermline office, it’s free to attend and lunch will be provided. Book early to secure your place.

Don’t miss our events running on 6, 8 and 10th November from 12pm to 2pm during Fife Business 2017. Details can be found at here>>

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