Your mobile phone or your business?

The vast majority of employers have a policy on the use of personal mobile phones in the workplace where, typically, they either place an outright ban on employees using mobile phones during working hours or personal use is restricted to certain times of the day for example, during breaks or in the case of an emergency (and if you haven’t updated your policy to cover smartwatches you should). However, ask those same employers how many of them have disciplined employees for breaches of this policy and it’s likely to be relatively few. Of course, this may just be because their employees can be particularly adept at hiding what they’re really up to.

Well it seems that the success of your business may depend on how well you police the use of mobile phones in the workplace. Management of the England national rugby union team are cracking down on players’ use to improve their skills. Dr Sherylle Calder, the newly appointed Visual Awareness Coach, said “In the modern world, the ability of players to have a good awareness is deteriorating because of mobile phones. We will be working hard on awareness which helps you make effective decisions under pressure”. Reported here at Daily Mail

Could this apply to the world of business? And if so, what if all it took to improve your employees’ ability to make good decisions and therefore improve your business was a break from mobile phones? It might just be worth a try – just don’t forget to have Occupational Health on speed dial to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Donna Reynolds is an experienced Employment Lawyer and HR Adviser providing legal and practical advice to employers in Fife, Edinburgh and across Scotland.