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Sex, lies and videotapes

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger…..! Politicians: who voted for them? Well we did actually, so whether or not we like them and what they are (or aren’t) doing, we are stuck with them. Therefore, from a business perspective, I think we should view all the stuff in both the US and […]

Judges: who elected them anyway?

I was conscious that I was (over)due another Brexit Blog, but didn’t really know where to begin. Nothing much seemed to be happening, so what was there to say. Wrong, and wrong again. Apart from MPs resigning, the High Court’s decision – that the triggering of Article 50 required the approval of the UK Parliament, […]

Brexit – the German view

From the German media’s reaction, the vote to leave came as a real surprise. It’s a surprise because David Cameron had successfully pushed through even more preferential treatment for the UK – more so than the “the UK rebate” negotiated by Margaret Thatcher.  A particularly strange decision was that of Cornwall: distinctly pro-Brexit; but receiving […]

A week, no a day is a long time in politics

To misquote Sir Alex Ferguson, “Politics – bloody hell!” As a spectator sport, this is great fun: just a shame that it’s serious. We have now had the spectacle of political journalists running from one sensation to the next – to the extent that I’m worried about pressing “send” on this blog in case something […]


Those of you who have read Kafka’s “The Trial” may understand my feelings and concerns following last Friday’s vote. The words “lunatics” and “asylum” come to mind. This blog is focussed on the impact on business, but before I start I’d better nail my colours to the mast. I was a firm believer that the […]

Success Spotlight; Congratulations Semefab

It was a privilege to applaud Semefab as they collected their award at the 2016 Fife Business awards. Winners of Performing Business Award (over 50 employees), which was sponsored by Thomson Cooper Accountants. What made the moment even more of a pleasure was to be sitting with our clients as the announcement was made. It can […]

Money for nothin’ ….

Money for nothin’ …. or what you should be wary of when giving free advice OK: I admit it. Even for me, there’s only a tenuous link between the Dire Straits song title and what I’m about to talk about – but you can’t blame me for trying, can you? (And there will be a […]

Goodbye To Unnecessary Travel Costs

People often say that the Law (and lawyers) are slow to adapt to technological changes and to the changing needs of commerce.   In an increasingly open Europe, with fewer restrictions on the free movement of labour, capital and goods, more and more cross border deals are being done, with parties to agreements often in different […]