New Year Resolutions

The beginning of January is usually the time when people full of New Year optimism, resolve to make changes to their lives – for example, by stopping smoking, going to the gym or starting a diet.  Most people, though, are not particularly good at keeping to these promises. A major reason for this is that whilst we are good at identifying what we want to change in our lives, we are less good at focusing on how to achieve this.

One way to help improve the chances of achieve their aims is to make use of so-called “nudge” techniques to create incentives, as the following table shows.


resolution nudge
Erecting signs saying ‘no littering’ and warning of fines. Improving the availability and visibility of litter bins.
Joining a gym. Using the stairs.
Counting calories. Smaller plate.
Weekly food shop budgeting. Use a basket instead of a trolley.

Nudge techniques can be used in many different ways, some quite novel.  For example, it has been suggested that a person wanting to give up smoking should open a bank account. For six months she deposits the amount of money she would otherwise spend on cigarettes into the account. After six months she takes a test that determines whether she has been smoking. If she hasn’t, she gets to keep the money in the account; if she has, the account is closed and the money is donated to charity. There is evidence that participating in this bank program increases the chance of quitting smoking by over 50% over many other cessation efforts.

Why, you might think, is CCW explaining all of this? Well, in our experience, many business managers are only too human and, likewise, fail to live up to their resolutions.  It is often only after businesses have experienced a serious legal problem that they realise they could have, without too much effort, done something to avoid the problem in the first place – e.g. by having a robust set of business terms and conditions or by having in place a proper lease with their landlords or a shareholder agreement with other company members. Sadly, despite promises to perform such tasks, many will remain undone.

We would like to help our clients help to resolve long-running but neglected issues.  Below, for each of our major client service areas, we have listed ways in which we think we can help incentivise you into fixing any such issues.

From all at CCW we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

resolution nudge
We need to make the time to speak to our solicitor about legal matters that concern us. We aim to make ourselves accessible to speak to. You can contact us not just by e-mail or phone but also by text messages or by video-call (e.g. Skype or FaceTime).


We are used to meeting or speaking to clients outside normal business hours.

We need to put in place proper terms and conditions for business for orders. CCW is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of commercial agreements. If you can give us a good outline of what you want, we can often produce good first drafts of documents. You can then check these at your leisure.
We now have more shareholders in our company and need to have more categories of rights We can tailor your shareholder requirements by drafting a shareholders’ agreement or amending your company’s articles of association
We need to bring our company books up to date. Our Company Secretarial services provided by CCW cost £170+VAT per year and give the peace of mind of knowing that all of those things and more are dealt with.
The title deeds to our properties are in a complete mess and need sorting Often we can obtain copies of any missing title deeds ourselves, so long as we have either a plan and/or property address.


It is now possible to simplify older title deeds by registering a new title in the Land Register

We must renew our lease If you give us a copy of your lease, we can advise you of the end date of the lease. If you wish, we can speak direct to your landlords or their agents to negotiate a lease extension.
As landlords we need to replace word-of-mouth leases with written leases. We can draft leases for you. It is realistic to expect to have written leases in place within twelve months from the date when you instruct us.